Associate Solicitor

Sadaf Khan

Bringing over 14 years of extensive experience in the legal sector, Sadaf Khan has demonstrated expertise in various aspects of civil litigation, commercial litigation, and dispute resolution. Her exceptional background and proven track record in handling complex cases make her a valuable addition to the firm’s talented team of legal professionals.


One of Sadaf’s unique strengths is her multilingual abilities, as she is fluent in English, Dutch, Urdu, and Hindi. This diverse language proficiency enables her to effectively communicate and serve a broader range of clients from different cultural backgrounds.


Furthermore, Sadaf’s outstanding achievements have been recognised by the Women and Diversity Awards Committee, as she was shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious Disputes Lawyer of the Year Award 2023. This accolade highlights her dedication to excellence in her field and her commitment to providing outstanding legal services to her clients.


Interesting Facts

Sadaf volunteers at Lets Talk in Rochdale, which provides a weekly food kitchen for the community, medical workshops, social gatherings and drop-in sessions for victims of domestic violence/forced marriages. Sadaf provides support in numerous ways, including drafting and maintaining all their official paperwork, dealing with their safeguarding requirements, running free Life in the UK training courses and training new volunteers.


During lockdown Sadaf self-published a quiz book for the south asian community and since then has been working on her first novel.  


Sadaf is an avid reader, successfully completing the 52 Book Challenge in 2022.